Email systems

There are a large number of ways to set up email for your council. We strongly believe that no council should publish, or sign up for official news etc, using a personal email address. This is for obvious reasons, as if there should be a change of Clerk, Chairman etc, council correspondence will continue to go to the person and not to the council.

There are broadly three ways to solve this:

1) Set up an email service like Gmail or Outlook

You can set up a free email like Gmail from Google, eg Then, should the clerk depart, the password can be changed and the new clerk will have access to the past emails.

2) Set up forwarders on your domain for councillors.

We set up forwarders FREE. So you have which forwards to So if the chairman changes, you ask us to change the forwarder to  - all official correspondence now comes into Freda's email and Paul will be no longer be troubled.

We can set up a forwarded so that all your councillors have "proper " email. Eg which goes into his own personal email address. If Paul leaves the council, the forwarder can be removed or directed to the clerk, so as to follow up any unfinished business.

We can also set up a mailing list e.g.  which forwards a copy of the email to all your councillors.

3) Set up email service on your domain

We can offer POP3 email for £12 each mailbox per annum. POP email gets downloaded to your main device and is deleted from our server after a week so there is no storage charge.

For IMAP, where mail is stored on our server, each address is £25 per 750MB per annum.

So following on from the example above, will have an email box that he can collect and send from. If Paul leaves the council, the mailbox can be removed and that email address set to be a forwarder to the clerk, so as to follow up any unfinished business.


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Please note: we do not provide email-only services or advice, we can only help councils who are using, or considering using, our website system.