Getting started

Unlike some suppliers, we take the time to actually look at what you have and what you probably need before we quote.

We will send you an order form with customised list of what we need to get started. The generic list is set out here:

  • Choice of domain name (we will send you suggestions for you to choose from)
  • List of authorised website users (those who will manage the content - usually the clerk and sometimes one councillor)
  • List of required email account forwarders
  • Choice of colour scheme (Blue, Forest Green, Olive Green, Sand... all common options can be seen here)
  • All your governance documents with Adopted Date and Next Review Date.
  • Councillor details & contacts (if different to current website)
  • DPI declarations, or links to them
  • Do you want pictures of councillors? If so, provide.
  • Minutes (we can usually download from existing site)
  • Current and/or forthcoming agendas
  • All finance documents for transparency (we can usually download from existing site)
  • Spreadsheet of all notifiable payments over £100 since Sept 2018 (unless your minutes already contain these)
  • Links to village organisations and basic village information.
  • List of any subcommittees (eg Planning, Finance) for which you need minutes.